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This Virtual “TAKE ACTION Workshop-Retreat” Package Helps YOU
to Bring Peace & Joy 
in Your HorseManShip - and EveryDayLife!

  • Is anxiety & stress limiting your Happiness in your HorseManShip, and possibly even in EveryDayLife?
  • Are you TIRED of feeling uneasy?
  • When all you want is a HEART Centered Connection with your horse - feeling safe & confident while enjoying your hobby...
  • and YES, you are indeed READY for Positive Change!
  • That's AWEsome, because I've got the Solution for YOU
  • Take action NOW, Change requires a no-procrastination-approach:
  • Join my Heart-Centered, Intimate Online Gathering with Like-Minded Women to Finally & Immediately Create Positive Change - with no Overwhelm:
YES, I Want to Learn More!
Equine & Art Infused Learning for Female Horse Lovers

This Workshop-Retreat is for YOU

...If you love horses and aim to

  • Understand your horse so you both can feel safe
  • Eliminate Self Preservation & Protection in your horse
  • Find your Inner LeadMare
  • Train with Connection, not Control or Dominance
  • Optimize & Elevate your Confidence
  • Reduce & eventually eliminate stress, anxiety and fear
  • Discover unconventional strategies that work
  • Learn in a supportive & kind community
  • Connect with like-minded women around the world


 The Truth is, you can...

  • Learn how to understand your horse
  • Lead without control & dominance
  • Elevate & optimize your confidence 
  • Eliminate the feeling of "I can't do this"
  • Learn how to effectively communicate
  • Create clear boundaries - and feel good
  • Become a confident solution finder
  • Be the LEAD - in your HorseManShip & EveryDayLife!

Learning in a virtual setting -
infused with horses - is fun, powerful & rewarding!




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I really want to set you up for Success! 
Here are all the Goodies that are included:

Live & Ride with Confidence Workshop & Retreat

In this 4 hour class I will lead you through the process to create your very own, personalized action plan, for yourself AND your horse. Take some me-time, hence 'retreat', to actively move forward to re-establish peace & joy in your EveryDayLife as well as in your HorseManship.

Healthy Posture Assessment

Set Your Horse up for Success Healthy Posture Assessment

I will also send you the 10 Minute Healthy Posture Chart with an Instructional How-to-Video so you can right away assess your horse's mental, emotional & physical balance and find any areas that might be holding you back from achieving your dreams.


Live & Ride with Confidence Community Support Group

Immediately after you sign up, I will send you an invite to our Community Support Facebook Group so you can get started right away on your journey to 'Live & Ride with Confidence'. Make sure you hop over there right away and introduce yourself & your horse. We are waiting for YOU!

Happy Horse Inventory 

Assess and transform your relationship by scoring oodles of plus points in your horse's emotional bank account! Learn 10 simple but powerful EveryDay Tasks to optimize your connection and relationship with your horse, so you both feel safe and confident.

Change That Will STICK

An art infused 2 hour Workshop that will lead you through the 4 Steps towards Positive, Lasting Change: Awareness, Understanding, Responsiblity and Action. This class gets your creative juices follow and gives you hands-on advice you can immediately put into action!

Live & Ride with Confidence Handbook

This 28 page Handbook provides you with a valuable summary of the entire content of the Live & Ride with Confidence Workshop-Retreat. Add your own notes, highlight your aha-moments and create your own, personalized Journal to document your amazing journey.

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Hi, I'm Petra! It's nice to meet you here online..


I not only believe, but I KNOW that horses can help us humans to live a life filled with confidence, problem solving skills and a 'can do' attitude. Whether you own a horse or not, just bring your love for these magic beings... I will show you the HOW.

 I live with my partner Seth and our horses, dogs, chickens, cats and mice on an old Homestead in Southern Arizona. Our adobe cottage & guest cottage are surrounded by huge Mesquite trees & lush green, irrigated pastures. This farm is a special place. Its purpose is to be the hub for connection, contemplation, growth, transformation and positive forward movement. I call it SoulFire Farm!

I create horse inspired online courses, design & host retreats. I help humans and horses develop their optimal potential around the world - from the US, South America and Canada, to the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand and the Philippines.

I also fix fences, bake bread, make home-made cream cheese
and plum flavored kombucha. I grow too many squash, and the birds eat my tomatoes.

My other passion is to add beauty and creativity to whatever comes my way.
I am HorseWoman. At the same time, I am a Solution & Path Finder, Difference Maker, Connection Creator, Entrepreneur, Artist & Life Strategist, and never-ending Optimist.

Whether you are starting out, or you are a wee bit stuck or want to scale your HorseManShip, your EveryDayLife and even Entrepreneurship...

I know that applying the Principles of LeadMare Confidence - instead of control & dominance - will change your HorseManShip & EveryDayLife!

It surely transformed mine... Nowadays, I confidently achieve my goals and dreams. YOU CAN TOO! 

And if there are moments of doubt, I know what to do to stay on course.

I've even been told I've got the tenacity of a rat terrier. I take that as a compliment... because you gotta develop a stick-to-it-attitude if you want to get where you want to go - and I CAN SHOW YOU HOW!

I am here to guide and support you on this journey to create Positive, Lasting Change - in your HorseManShip & EveryDayLife. 💕














My Love-it-or-Pay-Nothing Guarantee


If you absolutely loved the Live & Ride with Confidence Virtual Workshop-Retreat and all the Goodies that came with it... and you feel you have - with my help - developed a great action plan to move forward: AWEsome, that's my goal and mission!

If you've done the work (finished the workshop), but you feel you did not get any value, and I was not able to help you, then you'll simply send me an email, and I will refund the entire workshop fee of $97 - Pinky Finger Promise! All you invested then was your time. That's it!


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Meet My Team


CASH 22 Years Old

Cash is a Lead Mare. Horse or human, she is always willing to accommodate her herd mates. However, if she feels disrespect, she will set surprising, clear and distinctive boundaries.

JB 21 Years Old

JB is the most extroverted of the herd. He would like to be boss but that spot is taken. He will sneakily test humans by invading their personal space to see whether they are more passive than he is.

GUS 20 Years Old

Gus is the most dominant horse in the herd.  He reinforces his position by demanding space and moving the other horses around. Everyday he will test and ask his human: Are you my LEAD today?


Mini Cooper does not rely on the herd for safety. He will play as he pleases and prefers to do his own thing. His favorite past time is to breach the fence so he can head out on his next solo adventure.

What do Others Think of Petra's Work?



Dr. Patrick Handley,
Psychologist, Founder of Insight Institute:

"I certified Petra as Insight Inventory Coach.

She can help you make a little rotation in your life that will take you to a whole new place down the road.

Petra is one of those coaches that is willing to hang in there with you.

She won't give up, and that is so valuable!"


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