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WORKSHOP: 10 Days to Inter-Connected Liberty

Replace Presssure, Control & Treat-Based Training Techniques with Inter-Connection so you AND your Horse can Feel Safe, Secure & Confident TOGETHER!


In this 2 Hour Workshop you will learn the 4 Foundational Action Steps
using EveryDayTasks You Already do...


Most training programs start in the arena or roundpen, missing out on valuable opportunities to help your horse feel seen, heard and understood.

To me, 'Liberty' is not a discipline.  It's not about creating patterns online first or using treats to get tasks done! Liberty is a MINDSET, A WAY OF BEING AND INTER-ACTING that can ensure that your horse CHOOSES you as the LEAD - because of how you show up, what you do AND also what you choose NOT to do (anymore).

When you use Liberty as the foundation of your relationship and everything else you do with your horse, you create a deeper connection with your horse, raising your own level of confidence AND helping your horse to feel safe, secure and confident with YOU!



Say Goodbye to...


Treat Based Training Techniques & Pushy Horses



Control & Pressure Focused
Training Techniques



Indoctrinated Patterns  -
aka Learned Helplessness



Disconnected, Shutdown & Unhappy Horses



Negative Feedback
like Nipping, Kicking etc.



Dull, Uncooperative,
Stubborn Horses



Fear & Unconfidence






Bio-Mechanics & Posture



With my Workshop Say HELLO to...



Learn how to emulate the LEADmare who always makes benevolent decisions for her Herd of 2 and who is not interested in dominance and control. After all, no horse follows the herd stallion. All horses follow the LEADmare!




are the guiding principles of my program GENUINE CONNECTIONS HorseWomanShip and all Doing Workshops: You will discover how to help your horse feel seen, heard and understood - and TOGETHER you will feel safe, secure and confident!




Connection has become a buzzword! Trainers use the word in their marketing and sadly teach it by limiting choices & free will, applying conditioned patterns & by creating learned helplessness. Connection has to be a two way street based on reciprocity!




Inside this  WORKSHOP
I'll show you exactly how to:



the LEADmare Mindset


NO horse follows the dominant stallion who's job is to procreate and protect. But ALL horses, including the herd stallion, follow the LEADmare. She is often older, her strength isn't power and control. She didn't fight for her position, she was chosen due to her experience, wisdom and willingness to make benevolent decisions for the herd. Learn the power of female LEADership Principles!




Set Healthy Boundaries
with Space Conversations


Depending on how you establish (or not establish) your personal space bubble, you horse will see you as dominant, non-assertive or the LEAD. The LEADmare doesn't drive nor round up the herd, she makes a decision and all horses follow her - no questions asked. Clarity and consistency will give your horse certainty, the foundation for feeling safe, secure and confident with you!



Initiate Rhythm to
Create Peaceful Harmony


Horses, just like we humans, want to feel balanced and peaceful. But traditional horse training and even natural horsemanship are based on applying control and pressure to 'teach'. Scary experiences and even accidents happen because horses are living in various states of brace, tension, stress, anxiety and fear. Peaceful Harmony and Flow created through clear and consistent rhythm exercises are a must on your quest to release residual tension in your horse!



Incorporate the 3X
Relaxation Strategy


Relaxation means that there is NO brace, tension, stress, anxiety and fear. With the base of harmony and flow, the Triple X Relaxation Strategy will give you the tools to help your horse  find lasting mental, emotional & physical balance. Your horse will happily look for your guidance because being with you FEELS GOOD! When your horse is relaxed, negative feedback like nipping or kicking will be a sign of the past. Healthy posture and proper bio-mechanics will become possible!


And you’ll also get these time-saving bonuses to set Yourself AND Your Horse up for Success:




Downloadable, step-by-step Tutorial Workbook & Checklist "10 Days to Inter-Connected Liberty"




Hands-on video with real life example so you can see how to implement the Inter-Connection Strategies






Walk Exercise Tutorial eBook- the foundation for healthy posture and proper bio-mechanics based on mental, emotional and physical balance




Four Q&A Sessions from the Original Live Workshop, full with additional tips and step-by-step instructions


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My Program isn't for Everybody...
and Might Just be PERFECT for you and your Horse!


My GENUINE CONNECTIONS Horse•Woman•Ship Program is ONLY for female horse lovers who want to let go of control, pressure and even treat-based training techniques to create real, true and genuine inter-connection so you and your horse can feel safe, secure and confident TOGETHER.
If you are looking for short cuts how you can MAKE or CAUSE your horse to do things, you are in the wrong spot.  If you think your own goals are more important than your horse's mental, emotional and physical well-being, you are in the wrong spot.
If you are looking for a kind, caring and supportive, close-knit community and a heart-centered approach so you and your horse can live your optimal best life, where your horse feels seen, heard and understood and you can feel safe, secure and confident with your horse, you're in the right spot!

Your Connection & Confidence Coach & Mentor

Why Should you Believe (in) me?

I was a successful Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor for several years. In 2013, I resigned because...

I realized: Putting the relationship first can't be just a fancy slogan... Traditional horse training and even natural horsemanship are built on the patriarchal communication of the dominant stallion. It is an illusion that pressure and control based training techniques keep us - the human - safe, secure and confident around horses. Quite the contrary! Dominant training ("how your horse who's boss!") KEEPS our horses in self-preservation and self-protection mode, CREATING scary experiences for horse AND human. Accidents are even explained as 'normal'! ("Your not a horsewoman if you haven't fallen off yet!")

Treat based training connects your horse to the treat - and NOT you... But it Does NOT Have to be This Way:

ALL horses follow the LEADmare, NO horse follows the dominant stallion!

Softness is not a weakness: When your horse feels seen, heard and understood, BOTH - you AND your horse - CAN feel safe, secure and confident TOGETHER! Everything becomes possible when you learn how to adjust your actions to create real, true and genuine INTER-CONNECTION... I'll show you the HOW!

As certified Insight Inventory® Coach, I am here to help and support YOU AND YOUR HORSE!

xx Petra

Come join me for the 10 Days to Inter-Connected Liberty Mini Workshop with Maxi Results!

I  teach female horse lovers and their horses from around the World how to...

Feel Safe, Secure and Confident in Each Others' Presence! Are you Next?

United Kingdom

I have to say I have never known anyone as generous as you Petra! What you give to people and horses - and the content of what is in the course - goes way more than any other course I've done or known. You are phenomenal! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools to go forward with my beloved horses. You are a light in the darkness for horses and people and may it continue to shine on so brightly.

United States

You are in my head every time I am with my horses!

My relationship with them all is SOOOO much better since I have been learning from you!

You are an amazing woman and you are changing the world for so many of us!

My horses and I love you so much...

Thank you!


I'm really loving your master class. I'm listening in when I can and watch the same video a few times to soak in all your knowledge. I feel more at ease the more I see how relaxed our mare is with all our ground work you have taught us. I turn [my daughter] Sarah is growing so much confidence to do a lot of the tasks on her own (with me watching on of course). You have made this journey so much less scary and 100% safer! Thank you so much!


Nowadays, my mare Nevada is so relaxed: Even her body worker says that she is a different horse! For years, Nevada's tail was tense and tight prior to studying with you. No practitioner could help me with that. I was told it cannot be changed. She can now relax her tail! She also used to pull on me all the time and I was so frustrated. I am so happy that now Nevada easily walks with me and doesn't lunge for grass anymore! A few weeks ago, I thought I would never ride again and now I can see that it will be possible!

Join Over 1500 Female Horse Lovers in our GENUINE CONNECTIONS Horse•Woman•Ship Community!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

My Love-it-or-Pay-Nothing Guarantee - MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS:


My goal is to give my highest level of support to a group of highly engaged and motivated students so I can facilitate positive change and transformation for human and horse. My program is built on reciprocity. So everybody gives and everybody receives.

Please only buy this Mini Workshop if you are serious about making a difference for yourself as well as for your horse and you are willing to do 'the work' becoming a vital part of our fabulous, heart-centered community!

At the end of the 30 days, when you absolutely loved it and you feel you have - with my help and support -  implemented life-changing, positive change & transformation in yourself as well as your horse: AWEsome, that's my goal and mission!

If you've done your part (watched the workshop, participated in each available bonus offer, downloaded and filled out the workbook, participated in the Q&A's as offered etc.)... But you feel you did not get any value, and I was not able to help you:

Then you'll simply send me an email, I will review your course participation and if completed, I will refund your payment -  Pinky Finger Promise! All you invested then was your time. That's it!


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The 4 Foundational Action Steps to let go of control, pressure and treat base training and create Inter-Connection - at Liberty, ...

so you and your horse can feel safe, secure and confident TOGETHER!


What's included...


✨ 10 Days to Inter-Connected LIberty Workshop :
Feel safe, secure and confident with your horse!

✨ Downloadable, step-by-step Tutorial Workbook

✨ Made-for-you Checklist to create personalized inventory & roadmap

✨ Hands-on Educational Videos with real life, how-to examples

✨ Walk Exercise Tutorial eBook

✨ Four Detailed Q&A Sessions

✨ and more...


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