You & Your Horse - Safe, Secure & Confident TOGETHER!




• Why Control and Pressure as safety measures are an illusion - actually CREATING scary experiences and even accidents

• What methods create artificial connection (learned helplessness) - and what to do INSTEAD

• How EveryDayTasks - you ALREADY do - can create RRC, Rhythm, Relaxation and Connection, the basis for Safety, Security and Confidence for Horse and Human

• Discover the 4 Key Elements you must know to release brace, tension, worry, anxiety, stress and fear in your horse - and so much more...
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I Have Taught over 1,000 Students & Their Horses

HOW to Feel Safe, Secure and Confident in Each Others Presence!

Julie Graham
United Kingdom

I have to say I have never known anyone as generous as you Petra! What you give to people and horses - and the content of what is in the course - goes way more than any other course I've done or known. You are phenomenal! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools to go forward with my beloved horses. You are a light in the darkness for horses and people and may it continue to shine on so brightly.


I'm really loving your master class. I'm listening in when I can and watch the same video a few times to soak in all your knowledge. I feel more at ease the more I see how relaxed She is with all our ground work you have taught us and in turn Sarah is growing so much confidence to do a lot of the tasks on her own (with me watching on of course). You have made this journey so much less scary and 100% safer! Thank you so much!

 Shari White
United States

You are in my head every time I am with my horses!

My relationship with them all is SOOOO much better since I have been learning from you!

You are an amazing woman and you are changing the world for so many of us!

My horses and I love you so much...

Thank you!

Janine Schroeder
United States

Seriously who is this horse??

Kaspin took off from the barn again - on a mission, with ears pointing forward! Went down to the normally scary part of property. There even were deer in the woods! Kaspin could care less and even wanted to go off property! Kaspin walked around between our stuff like no big deal. Normally this would bother him.

This stuff is mind blowing, Petra Christensen!

 My Program is for YOU, if You Are a Female Horse Lover who...  


  • Rejects dominance and control based horsemanship
  • Aims for a truly inter-connection relationship based on love, peace and understanding
  • Wants her horse to feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated
  • Understands that one cannot treat or click away fear
  • Agrees to break down goals into smaller steps to preserve her horse's dignity & willingness
  • Commits to being the Gatekeeper of her horse's confidence so TOGETHER you can feel safe, secure and confident
  • Appreciates the value of LEADmare Principles in her Horse•Woman•Ship as well as EveryDayLife
  • Yearns for being a valuable member of a kind, caring and supportive community
  • Knows the value of kindness, care, support and reciprocity
  • Has a deep desire to facilitate positive change for herself, her horse and our world

If I Offered You and Your Horse the Opportunity to...


• Stop using control, pressure & treat based training strategies in 10 days
• (RE)Start your Relationship based on the Principles of the LEADmare and Love, Peace & Understanding in 30 days
• Eliminating Self-Preservation and Self-Protection in your horse and yourself
• Creating real, true and GENUINE INTER-CONNECTION between you & your horse so you BOTH can feel safe, secure and confident TOGETHER...

Would you take me up on this offer?!




The 30 Day
Get Started with
Inter-Connection Course

Learn how to stop control, pressure and even treat based training from the ground up so you CAN create Inter-Connection between you and your horse. Receive Lifetime access to over 20 hours of step-by-step instruction how to focus on love, peace, understanding and the Principles of the LEADmare so your horse happily & willingly will follow your suggestions, feeling safe, secure & confident with you!

Continued Support
12 Monthly Workshops

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to me every month during a 2 hour Live Strategic Roadmap WORKSHOP (think easy checklist!). Watch the recording if you can't make it live. It's a safe place to ask questions! Deepen your knowledge about LEADmare Principles, reconnect with the tribe, create progress & growth by showing up. It can be easy to stay in the game and fulfill the dream you first had when you got your horse!


Progress Easily:
Set & Achieve Your Goals Workshop

Exponential progress becomes possible when you learn how to take inventor and create your own personal Strategy Roadmap: What works, what does not work yet? In this half day workshop, with my help, you will discover what step-by-step strategies to use to go from point A (where you Are) to point B (where you want to Be) - I will help you to create your personalized roadmap - That's priceless!


Kind, Caring & Supportive
Our Members-Only Community

Our members-only community is kind, caring and supportive. Filled with like-minded, female horse lovers from around the world - all dedicated to creating the best life for themselves and their horses while supporting each other. Pick a study buddy, share your journey, ask questions, create connections and friendships! Angel Ben from Australia calls our tight-knit community "the pink diamond in the hay stack"!


Safety, Security & Confidence for Horse & Human

Step-by-step, easy-to-follow video lessons for the dedicated HORSE LOVER who wants to know every detail on how to (re)start the relationship based on Love, Peace, Understanding & the Principles of the LEADmare!

Let Go of Pressure, Control & Treat Focused Training

Discover the entire HAPPY HORSE INVENTORY to create daily, positive patterns to teach your horse to honor your personal space, find and dissolve your horse's thresholds and easily create proper bio-mechanics and healthy posture from the beginning.

Discover the Triple X Relaxation Strategy

Relaxation means there is no brace, tension, stress, anxiety, worry and fear in your horse nor yourself. Learn how to release undetected self preservation and self protection in yourself as well as your horse to genuinely inter-connect TOGETHER.

Discover the 4 Elements of Self Knowledge

What we humans bring to the table directly influences our horse's reactions & responses & shapes the foundation of our relationships. Learn in a kind, caring and supportive environment why you do what you do, why you don't do what you don't do, and how you can take this opportunity to become UNSTUCK. Become the LEADmare in your Herd!

Intent, Energy & Body Language - Halter & Bit Optional

By nature, horses push into the pressure. When we tie a horse without proper preparation or ride a horse without proper preparation, our horse will potentially cause scary experiences and accidents when in self preservation and self protection. Learn how to teach your horse to follow a feel so liberty and bitless riding becomes safely possible.


The Proven Pre-Ride-Safety-Check Sequence and Test

Teach your horse to follow you and your ideas, to ignore outside influences such as deer jumping out of the bush, honoring your position as the LEAD in your Herd of 2. Learn how to test your horse's mental, emotional and physical balance (aka rideability) and discover whether your horse is rideable and what to do if she's not YET.



Meet your Host Petra Christensen:

Insight Inventory Coach, Creator and Founder of GENUINE CONNECTIONS HorseWomanShip

HI! I'M PETRA... 20 plus years ago, I had a super scary riding accident which eventually caused me to questions EVERYTHING I had learned about horses - whether it's traditional horse training and even natural horsemanship.

Since then, I have helped over one thousand students and horses around the world to create a different kind of a relationship, based on INTER-CONNECTION, NOT CONTROL! I have seen WHAT WORKS and what DOESN'T WORK - what brings progress, and what causes delays and frustrations - for horse and human!

To take the guess work out of 'horse training' and to show that control, dominance, pressure and even treat based training is unnecessary and even harmful...

I developed a unique, step-by-step formula  based on rhythm, relaxation & connection, love, peace & understanding and the Principles of the LEADmare. Instead of training your horse, discover HOW to build a relationship based on communication, free will and free choice, the basis for safety, security and confidence for human AND horse:

To share my program with the world and create positive change for horse and humans, I have created the GENUINE CONNECTIONS Courses, Masterclass & Mentorship Program. Come join our fabulous community of like-minded female horse lovers from around the world!

Hsiao-Chuan's First Ever Experience with Horses


Hsiao-Chuan's stay at my Red Horse Farm in Colorado was her first ever experience around horses. My focus was to create a solid foundation for her to safely interact with horses AND have fun while doing so. Her partner is my Morgan gelding Jean Baptiste, nickname JB.

Have a look at this touching video below - a summary of things accomplished and learned - to get a taste what you might experience applying GENUINE CONNECTIONS Horse•Woman•Ship Principles to the relationship with your horse!

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